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21 Mar 2014 With the support of friends & family & addressing unusual personal issues we are moving
___________ towards production of the Series 3 which supersedes the Series 2, maintains all original
___________ features And adds the means to reconfigure. Evaluation samples expected within 14 days,
___________ if suitable shipping from verified samples the day after.
___________ In terms of communications, process is ongoing emailing people first prior to any forums as
___________ this makes for more directness & efficiency & maintains a positive move forward.

28 Dec 2013 Finance proposal on new major project changing the way HVAC operates:-
20 May 2013 Major revision in progress in relation to novel motor/generator approach applied to almost any bicycle types
16 Jul 09 Revised laboratory items for sale click here:- lab/workshop
15 Jul 09 Series III of the VL Fuserail ready for manufacture. Production samples expected any week now
19 Aug 07 Added a technical info/picture link for Holden VL/VLCT etc, click here hopefully file names self-explanatory
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Improved FuseRail/FuseBlock upgrade Kit for AUSTRALIAN HOLDEN - All Models VK, VL to VR Commodore and Camira 1982-1989

compatible with UNITED STATES GMH 1980's Cadillac, Opel, GMC, GM fuse block parts 92017433, 92030036 and 92044799 for size,

capacity and mounting fixture with improved features, listed here:-

  • 1. Sturdy Thermoset design, will not melt or twist from electrical or underbody heat
  • 2. Standard spade connections replace factory crimps and ease DIY installation
  • 3. Display lights for blown fuse indication and 3 diagnostic indicators
  • 4. Extra fuse locations for user installed accessories, all holders rated to 30Amp
  • 5. Kit includes step by step install mpeg videos, jpegs and technical info on standard PC CD
  • 6. Complete set of fuses to suit Australian VK to VR models, plus spares, others on request.

    New V2 design completed Dec 2006, standard fuserail model suits all VK and VL,
    optional relay holder board for all VN to VR, new pictures (Feb 2007) below.

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    Version 2.0 unit:- VK and VL model ready for installation, click on picture for an example, VN, VP & VR models also available
    Click on this picture to see a typical installation and comparison with holden unit

    Version 2.0 unit:- (Upgraded Series III unit coming soon suits all VK through to VR

    So whats so good about the newer version 2.0 model then ?

  • 1. Revised dimensions to more precisely match all three previous Holden mouldings
  • 2. Revised top support tab fitting improves location, appearance and strength
  • 3. Revised fuse spacing on left edge for easier replacement
  • 4. Top support tab now includes pushbutton option for fusebox or engine bay illumination
  • 5. Optional 1 to 4 engine bay illumination lights operate off fuserail timer
  • 6. Fixed a typo, cosmetic text corrections and added text for recommended fuse rating next to fuse
  • 7. Optional relay holder board to match requirements for VN, VP and VR models, now with indicators
  • 8. Additional mounting holes (4) suit Project cars where fusebox relocated to glovebox (141mm x 36mm rectangle)
  • 9. Dedicated connection point for accessory (hidden) turbo timer or any other accessory timers
  • 10. Optional warning indicator for high charge/battery voltage, in progress
  • 11. Revised design allows provision for insulating barriers
  • 12. Support package of circuit diagrams and installation advice can suit any earlier vehicle renovations, coming soon

    Version 2.0 unit with Engine Bay Illumination Option turned on the bench showing cables with pushbutton on right hand top
    Cables are 1.3m and 2.3m for both sides of engine

    For current price & availability schedule please email enquiry
    If you would like the Engine Bay Illumination Option, please enquire re up to date price/cables
    Australia Post (express to destinations in Australia only) in a 500gm Satchel with trackng number

    All prices will be in Australian Dollars (AUD), overseas enquiries welcome, shipments insured & optional tracking number

    Low Cost barebone unit without any fuse lights for electricians and workshop professionals coming soon

    Payment options are: Direct deposit, Bpay, Paypal, MasterCard or Visa through Paypal or Money Order, email me for details

    click this email link to enquire availability from Perth, Western Australia

    Please note: Some users with Lotus Notes havent been able to reach me, suggest use your native email or get a hotmail or gmail account.

    Surplus fuserails and other items occasionally listed on ebay check my ebay link here

    This is the new Version 2 Kit
    The complete kit, click here to check for an ebay auction

    To view more examples of this product and installation in an Australian VL Commodore click on this picture:-
    Detailed comparison pictures at this link

    Finally, Something different, heres an old advertisement for twin tyres in Western Australia
    New tyres and some new rims now available, many reconditioned rims also available for
    Holden, Mercedes, BMW and Ford with small number to suit Jaguar and Honda
    Click the picture and see a modifed VLT Calais with a set:-

    For any of you technically minded mechanics and engineers, take a look at this YouTube video
    of the method to remove old twin tyres from the Speedline wheels

    Here's my son last year keeping our Subiaco pigeon entertained

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