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Upgraded Version 2.0 VK/VL Fuse Rail Installed in fusebox in conventional location under bonnet The latest matt black industrial version with Engine Bay Illumination Option

Upgraded Version 2.0 VK/VL Fuse Rail compared to a melted thermoplastic unit taken from my car in early 2003 Done let yours ever get as bad as this, can cause a fire !

Upgraded Version 2.0 VK/VL Fuse Rail shown side on to illustrate spade, side tabs and fuse placement Easy access via standard spade lugs, do it yourself

Upgraded Version 2.0 VK/VL Fuse Rail top view with recommended fuses installed, 3 user extras 3A to 30A rated Recommended sizes printed on fuserail

Upgraded version 2.0 with accessory relay holder to suit VN, VP and VR Commodore vehicles (mounted under driver side dash) Holds up to 4 relays and optional relay activation lights

For reference, here is a picture of the GMC/GMH plastic moulding from Holden Australia Doesnt come with any extras at all and can still warp and melt, requires an electrician to install

Schematic diagrams due to be posted when I get the time, currently filling orders for newest upgrade Version 2 :-) Return to my Homepage

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